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Other sites that I wanted to compile and share with others who happen upon my home on the WWW!

Help prevent link rot by letting me know if anything here becomes inaccessible. Contact info is available on the home page.


Chaixtea - Cute early 2000s anime themed website.

ZEROTWO - Cool art site with a neat design.

Ultima's Domain - Personal site.

PeaceB - Fansite for K-Pop singer BoA.

A Haunted Site - Cool project by my friend Clover.

Kiseop - K-Pop/personal site.

Zeroshiki - A collective of personal and anime fandom related projects.

annabelle121 - Personal site inspired by the layout of old Piczo websites.

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Documenting interesting finds across my searches through the Internet Archive. (Shoutout to BB for helping me with this section!)

Sechskies' Way - Sechskies fan site.

DisneySites Clipart - Disney clipart gallery.

Toonapalooza! - Anthro art and characters by Jen Seng/Spunky.


Old websites that've stood the test of time and are still accessible without the use of the Internet Archive.

Sanctuary of Sechskies and H.O.T - An Angelfire website dedicated to 90s K-Pop groups Sechskies and H.O.T.

Subzero's K-Pop Wallpapers - Wallpapers of 90s/2000s K-Pop groups.

JYJShinki♫Dreamland♫ - Browse an archive of old TVXQ and JYJ photos here.

.:KPOP HOTLINE:. - Old K-pop Blogspot containing lots of hard-to-find scans of old photos/photoshoots, as well as music videos and other fun stuff (Please note that any download pages will most certainly be broken).

80s Toy Sale - A website that specializes in selling vintage toys.

Orb Moon Productions - Not really sure how to describe this sites content... click and see for yourself, there's a lot of stuff here.

See the Pretty Colors - A list of HTML color codes.

xChroniclerx - An... interesting otherkin website, mirrored by Oocities. (You may know it from the infamous "Suspected Otherkin Celebrities" section.)

Bits'n'Bob-stones - Watership Down fanpage.


Jesswyn's Collections - Showcases an interesting collection of Pokemon toys.

Soda Can Collection - Visual gallery of a collection of soda cans, spanning many countries and decades.

One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age - A blog dedicated to digging through a torrent of the entire Geocities catalogue and documenting interesting finds.

Jaeducs @ Tumblr - A blog ran by my good friend BB. First gen (90s-early 00s) K-Pop photos can be found here in HQ.

Tumblr Heritage Posts - Showcasing the best and worst of early 2010s Tumblr.

Cameron's World - A large virtual collage consisting of old graphics and other assets gathered from archived Geocities web pages.

Yerf - A gallery of furry artwork established in 1996 and ran until 2004. Now functions as a historical archive.

Winamp Skin Museum - Infinitely scroll through a large visual gallery of Winamp skins. Also features live previews.

Gallery of Visual Shock - Online 90's Visual Kei fanzine.

- Hamtaro fansite.

Just Another Useless Page - Nominate yourself or a friend to become a member of JAUP (Just Another Useless Page). Contains a list of fun sites that have been JAUP'd.

404PageFound - A list of old websites that are still accessible.

Oldweb.today - View web pages as they would've looked on an emulated old browser of your choice.

Everything is Terrible! - 80s/90s VHS oddities.

Museum of Obsolete Media - A site that showcases the history of obsolete media formats.

Web Design Museum - A gallery of over 1,000 screenshots of old websites, highlighting interesting old site design.

Symbolics.com - The first domain name ever registered(!), now used as a virtual internet history museum.


Escargot - This server allows old versions of MSN and Windows Live Messenger to work again.

Phoenix - A group of servers that bring new life to AIM and Yahoo IM, with ICQ support coming soon.

MySpace.Windows93 - Old MySpace clone.

SpaceHey - Another old MySpace clone.

VidLii - Video sharing website based on YouTube's old layout.

Leopets - Online game based on Neopets' early 00's layout.

Club Penguin Rewritten - The original Club Penguin, recreated.

GaiaOnline - Make your own anime avatar and hang out in Gaia's own virtual towns, their forums, and other cool places.

Old Littlest Pet Shop Games - Self explanatory sta.sh link. (There's a couple of Gorillaz ones in here as well.) Please note that you will need a program that can download and run SWF files to play these games, as in-browser Flash is no longer supported on most platforms.

Picrew - Make your own custom avatars. Loads of different art styles to choose from.

eLouai - Dressup games; home of the popular Candybar doll makers.

DarkSpyro's Dragon Generator - Dragon creator from the old Spyro's Lair website, brought back to life by this Spyro fansite.

Classic Minecraft - Minecraft, directly in your browser!


My Nostalgia Playlist - Videos I used to watch as a kid (You'll see bits of my old interests in here!) as well as other iconic mid-late 2000s/early 2010s content.

My Old TV/Web Playlist - Footage of old TV and the old web in action.

Technology Connections - Informational videos about the inner workings of technology.

The Science Elf - Video essays discussing old tech and more.

Nostalgia Nerd - Discusses software, hardware, and similar topics.

danooct1 - Showcases old computer viruses running on retro hardware.

LGR - Covers retro tech, odd software, and other interesting computer related stuff.

Michael MJD - Tech retrospectives, obscurities, and more.

Techmoan - Explores interesting old technology.

The 8-Bit Guy - Videos that focus on 80s/90s/2000s tech.

Modern Vintage Gamer - Video game talk; emulation, hardware breakdowns, gaming news.

Retail Archaeology - Documents dying/dead malls.

Defunctland - Covers the history of Disneyland, other theme parks, old TV shows, and more.

Bright Sun Films - Video essays about a variety of topics, such as abandoned places, cancelled TV shows, and other neat topics.

Brutalmoose - Taste tests, movie reviews, and more!

Ashens - Gadget reviews, Poundland junk hauls, comedy videos.

Whang! - Amusing internet and pop culture deep dives.

wavywebsurf - Looking back on and discussing the viral sensations and happenings of yesteryear.

Yhara zayd - Pop culture video essays.

Hong Pictures - The YouTube channel of Hong Jongho, a prolific music video director who shot many K-Pop music videos in the 90s-mid 2000s. He posts remastered versions of his works in 4k here.


This website would be nothing without help from the following sites.

W3Schools - If you're just starting out with HTML, W3Schools can help you! They also offer tutorials for CSS, Javascript, and much more.

Lissa Explains it All - Another HTML and CSS tutorial site, with a 2000s flair. Also great if you're learning how to make a website.

- A free guestbook for your site with lots of customization options.

Digits.net - Get a website hit counter here.

Glowtxt - You can make glowing text graphics here. (The site logo as well as the graphics on the top of my pages were made on this site.)

Picmix - Blingee-style graphic maker (Blingee unfortunately perished with the Flash purge; this is essentially the same thing but functional).

MySmilies - 100s of free pixel smilies to choose from.

RV's Scripts - Fun HTML and JavaScript effects for your blog or website.

Glitter-Graphics - A community for graphics enthusiasts. Avatars, blinkies, and more can be found here.

Gifcities - The Internet Archive's library of old Geocities graphics. (Be sure to check out the Internet Archive too!)

Geocities Archive Search - Basically what it says on the tin! Good for website inspiration.

Oocities - Another Geocities archive.


(As of 4/23/21, this section is undergoing an overhaul. If there is a resource that you want me to share, please email me at the email address provided on my home page!)

Ally.wiki - Masterlist of petitions to sign, donation pools, and more.

BLM Carrd - This Carrd can be found in other languages here.

Black Mental Health Matters: Resources and Other Information

Skin Cancer Awareness & Prevention for POC

Miiriya - Shop Black-owned businesses here. You can find clothes, accessories, art, and more!