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About Title

This is me, Cyrus, the site owner and creator! I'm a GNC neurodivergent guy (he/it/they) born in Texas on June 30th, 1999. My website name comes from the year that I was born!

I'm a man of many interests-- too many to list, but you'll see bits and pieces of my biggest ones around here. If we share an interest, feel free to contact me! Shared interests are good icebreakers for me :-3 You'll also see me talk about them on my Dreamwidth blog; which is my designated talking space, not bound by any character limits (Another thing that I miss about the pre-social media web... its so hard to infodump when you only have 140-280 characters!!).

In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, doing various arts and crafts, talking to friends, watching stuff, and writing!

I'm not good at talking about myself, but I hope you learned a little more about me! Thanks for reading!

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About Lance Title

Lance is my sona of sorts, and is also the site's mascot. Many elements here are based on his color palette, which you can view on his full reference sheet here.

He is a bat who hails from a video game produced by a relatively unknown company that shut down in the early 2000s, before the game was even published. Their assets were bought by a company that experiments with VR tech in the 2010s, and he was brought into the real world by accident.

As a result, he gained an additional form on top of his other forms; one that is split between his angelic and demonic forms (ref sheet for all three coming soon!). In the game he comes from, he could change between these forms while holding a special item, but in the real world, he has very little control over his form changes.

Because of being forcibly thrown into reality, he struggles to understand and is slow to get around things. Nonetheless, he tries his best. He's a bit closed-off, but he loves forming new bonds with interesting people he meets, so I thought it'd be fitting to make him the "face" of 1999x, if you will.

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